Monday, November 12, 2012

Jeff Buckley's Classics on Zazzle

Ever since I came across Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, I have been entranced.  It is the very best rendition in the world!  And it will bring a tear to my eye and a yearning in my heart each and every time.  The man was an absolute genius.

So how could I do anything but have something personalized that was sole devoted to the great man.

(Tip: if you follow the link above to watch and listen to Jeff Buckley, listen out for the awed "wow" at the end.  Coz that is what it was - a moment of sublime inspired singing).

On Zazzle you will find some customizable Jeff Buckley special items.

Jeff Buckly T-Shirts

Buckley's Hallelujah T-Shirt
Buckley's Hallelujah T-Shirt by ClearlyChosen
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Jeff Buckley Speakers

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