Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cosplay on Zazzle

Cosplay Products on Zazzle

"Cosplay" is a short form for "costume play".  The term was coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi in 1984. (see: Cosplay on Wikipedia)

I have someone in my family who is a bit of a nut about cosplay.  And hence, thinking of him brought to mind this topic which led me to finding lots of goody products on Zazzle.  Below are some interesting ones.

Cosplay on iPhone Cases

Cosplay Postcards

Peach Ninja Pandas Postcard
Peach Ninja Pandas Postcard by camilladerrico
Postcards created online using Zazzle

Cosplay Pins, Buttons, Badges, & Keyrings

Cosplay Posters

Panda Puff Posters
Panda Puff Posters by mynameishkat
See more prints from zazzle

Cosplay T Shirts & Apparel

This is a private viewing coz one of these is meant to go as a Christmas 2012 pressie! :)

But for you .. just check out Zazzle for more incredible, delectable products in any and every theme.

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