Friday, September 30, 2011

iPad Case - Felted and then Printed!

My beaded, felted iPad case can now be printed directly at Zazzle.  I mean how cool is this!!!  Does it not look like the real deal and in 3D?  Can you believe this is Zazzle's incredible POD (Print On Demand)?
H-Art Felted Cat iPad Case speckcase
H-Art Felted Cat iPad Case by ClearlyChosen
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Addendum 24 Nov 2011 -
iPhone 3G/3GS Case on Zazzle
POD (Print on Demand) industry is just great!  Below I have just created a printed version of the above.  Now this design is available as iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone4 cases

iPhone3 case - Cats! speckcase
iPhone3 case - Cats! by ClearlyChosen
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iPhone 4 Case on Zazzle

Jewelry finds Zazzle

Time for new experimentations.  I thought, how about all that work & love that I have put into those jewellery pieces?  And all those photos I took of them.  Now, can I have them feature on Zazzle even though that is mainly a POD (print on demand) industry and not one would naturally associate handmade accessories and jewellery?

As a first attempt, I found a large enough photo of a bangle I had beaded and combined with felted cabs.  It also featured a lovely clay cabochon by my lovely friend over at Peruzi.

This is my handmade bangle:

and these are my first 2 Zazzle cases (iPhone4 and iPhone3 cases respectively)

H-Art Beaded Cab iPhone3 case - Retro speckcase
H-Art Beaded Cab iPhone3 case - Retro by ClearlyChosen
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Hee!  That was fun!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Helena-Art comes to my Zazzle

Helena Art logo
A new  old artist has come to my Zazzle store - under  the label of H-Art or (and this is where I give the game away) also known as Helena-Art.

Yup, to date I have been working on and promoting Xavier-Art, Happy Boy, Sarong Girl - which are all the wonderful creative endeavours from my beloved brothers.

But I knew that sooner or later, I would need to find time to have a go myself.  So today I have :D (all say "Yay".  A bit louder, thanks.)

This is my very first effort and I shall pause here and  go off to 'play' some more ...

Design #1

Samples below, all available from our H-Art Zazzle line:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Boy goes quirky on T-shirts

I have a full day's run with Zazzle and Happy Boy.  And now that Happy Boy has been extra quirky and painted himself on T-shirts for men, women, toddler, & kids .. I might put my mind to something else.

Meanwhile below is a small sampling of Happy Boy on a journey to Zazzle catwalks.  You can find more Happy Boy T-shirts at our Zazzle store.

Happy Boy calls on iPhone4 - RETROS!

Happy Boy and iphone 4 cases.
Ha - I was not sure I would still be in the Zazzle groove this morning but finding that I am, Happy Boy has decided to show up as well and plonk his happy self onto some delectable iPhone4 cases.

Check out more of our
Happy Boy product range
from our quirky Zazzle store.

Happy Boy iPhone3 case - Am I too Scary? -

Happy Boy calling iPhone3 case - Red & Scary -

I have just been creating a Black silhouette Happy Boy but am not sure what I think of this. It looks both scary and yet strangely & captivatingly intriguing to me. So to date, I have only made one (with red background).

For the savvy Zazzle shopper, they will know how to change the background. For all other more normal (LOL!) shoppers, feel free to drop me a request anytime :D

drop by, look, have your say at: Our ClearlyChosen & Family Zazzle store.

Happy Boy dresses up in iPhone 3 cases

iPhone 3 and Happy Boy calling ..

Today Happy Boy has decided to cloak himself on iPhone3 in his many happy colors and guises.  I do adore Happy Boy and now he graces iPhone3 cases in vibrant colors, in Retro strips, squares, and circles, and in changes of spot colors.

Remember: there is a Happy Boy in all of us.

Below is a zoomed/magnified version. I love how it looks so I am just trying to give you an eyeful as well!

enlarged area of Happy Boy iPhone case on Zazzle
zoomed in - eyeful of Happy Boy iPhone3 case

Sunday, September 25, 2011

iPad2 Case & Sooty Present

Though these 2 main items were not strictly created this last week, nor (believe it or not) were they the only two things I did all week .. however I did finally manage to finish the requisite photos and even talk about them plus post them at various places I like.  So these then are my show and tell for the week just passed. :)

Tina's ipad 2 Case
This week I finished an iPad 2 case for my sister. I was very touched and chuffed she asked me to make one for her and I certainly hope she likes it.  And I certainly certainly hope it works as it is supposed to!  It is both a   iPad stand as well as a protective carry case.

More pics and details of the work in procress can be found at: Handmade iPad 2 Case, as part of my Misc/Craft Gallery.

Soot's Birthday Necklace & Earring Set
Swarovski for Soot -
Beaded, Wired, & Coiled

My bday gift to Soot on her 51st.  Lots of bling (and there is no better than the Swarovski kind :). My original design: Shaped RAW (right angle weave) with large focal Swarovski Cosmic pendant - wrapped and coiled.  Earrings to match.  Even chain is handmade - all with Love of course :D

Details of this Sooty Jewelry Birthday Set are found at where I like to document steps and working details.

Dragon Eyes - New Zazzles this week

oops .. Lost Dragons!  Another little post I put together and never published.  Didn't I say in the last late post that this is such typical behavior from yours truly?  So anyhows ... her are Dragons for you.  The artist is my incredible talented brother Xavier Lim.  The detail in his work is quite astounding.  And yes, he is innately (untrained) talented this way :)

A Day of Cards

Note Card
oh dear me .. I just discovered this old draft of mine.  Obviously I never got round to publishing it.  (Oh, that is so me!!!) So now that it has popped up again, thought I might as well publish it so here it is ... my set of Sarong Girl cards at Zazzle.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Air Swimmers - I want! Top cool toy!

Ooh ooh, I just saw the Air Swimmers and though I have been missing from my blog posting for yonks and yonks, I just had to come by and take note of this.

The Air Swimmer was created by Blake English, Mechanical Engineer from Stanford. I think he created it rather recently (like this year, 2011) and apparently it is suppose to retail for USD39.95 - which makes it affordable for many.  The kids (big and small) are sure to love it.

Air Swimmers are filled with helium and remote-controlled.

Have a look-see and check out how Desirably cools this is!!!!