Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Dare I Take a Rest!

Gosh, Blogger has been down the last 2 days otherwise I would have told you by now why I do dare take a rest!

Since the start of the year (2011) I have been heads-down-obsessed with one time-delimited project after another.  And it felt like it would never end.  Before one task was finished, 10 more have reared their heads demanding they NEEDED to be done now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sarong Girl Smell The Roses iPhone4 case & Necktie on Zazzle

Zazzle & Sarong Girl is making me so Happy!  Sarong Girl here appears in Black and White, in half-tone finish for the retro vintage look and appearing on modern day platform.  You just gotta love it!

Yo! Smell The Roses from Zazzle Sarong Girl

Today Sarong Girl is here to remind you to smell the roses .. or some flower .. or just a good man ...

and you can Change to your own Text/Name!

One for the Kiddies/Babies

I am (newly) available at ClearlyChosen & Family Zazzle store or
Just drop by to Zazzle to check out all the other great customizable designs.

I am off to Zazzle somemore now ... Ciao!

Zazzle Crazy! Mother's Day iPhone and iPad cases

I am having a ball, albeit I am still very slow at producing new products on Zazzle.

Today I thought I would  start some things for Mother's Day.  I do  love my own mommy and each one of these that I make, I am thinking of her .. so it gives me extra pleasure :)

I have made all of them with Customizable text so people can add their own name and/or messge.
Sorry .. the pics here are blurry but on Zazzle, they are Perfect :)

iPhone4 case for Mother's Day 

Design personalized gifts at Zazzle.

Back later folks .. being side-tracked ...!

Live Long & Zazzle!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feedburner for me today - New tutorial

I have been sitting here, feeling sluggish, and learning about Feedburner.  And I am so glad I did.

I have come across that word "Feedburner" and closed an eye hoping I would not have to learn about it.  But last night, the wonderful Vicki Field from Zazzle BIGSPL store (lovely store!) pointed me towards Feedburner as a means to be able to update my ClearlyChosen Twitter account whenever I have new Zazzle products.

And as is my wont, I couldn't just go and do the feed for my Zazzle store and my Twitter account and be done with it.  I had to read up the background and even more importantly as part of my learning and remembering process, I had to start a step-by-step tutorial for Feedburner.  It does help me remember later when I have to contemplate doing the same steps for my other sites and stores.

So far, I have started my step-by-step tutorial on how to do Feedburner for this Blogger account.

And that is it for now as dinner time calls.  I will have to continue with learning and writing up the tutorials later ... :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama Thumps The Trump

Yay!  At the recent White House Correspondent's Dinner, Barack Obama took bulleye shot at the rabid dog at his heel, Donald Trump (or as Obama unaffectionately named him, "The Donald").

Trump's pasty insincere smile could not, despite his best efforts, be maintained on his face as the appreciative crowd around him laughed with real hilarity and delight at his expense.

This is a President who will stand up for himself and not take shit from an undeserving President-wannabe.

Let us hope we never see Trump in the White House because if Trump ever gets his arrogant, greedy hands on the White House, not only will we have to endure more "You're Fired" utterances but this dire "prediction" from Obama will not be far off the mark!

Zazzle ClearlyChosen store launches with Sarong Girl

Phew!  After seemingly endless days of working, reading, learning, and again more reading, learning ... I can finally say that my new Zazzle Store ClearlyChosen & Family is open!!  Yipee Yay Yay!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Sarong Girl in Pink