Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wire Wrapping Some Small Gemstones

I went off shopping in Malaysia but a little while ago and came across some lovely little gemmies.  Lovely they were but little is the operative word.  Not being able to help myself from thinking that surely there must be a way I can use them in jewelry, I succumbed to buying some. Okay, quite a lot actually.

This here is my first experimentation with them:

Wire Wrap Gemstone Charm Bracelet
I have written up more detailed notes on this Wire Wrap Gemstone Charm Bracelet and also some simple photos and steps on How to Wire Wrap Small Gemstones that have no holes.  Because as you can see, each little gemmie is wrap snugly and cozily with wire.

There are of course many a way one can go with little gemmies like that - gluing for instance.  And gluing I will do in the near future as I have stumbled across another idea during the experimental construction of the above technique.

Even the gemmies here are not really truly and exclusive wire wrapped as such.  There is a combination of crochet and wire weaving involved.  Not hard at all and I must say that this new technique of mine works well.  I am pleased - yes I am indeed.

The bracelet goes to Christina Gillett who was with me when the gemstones came into my possession.  I suh hope she loves it this Christmas :)

The bracelet also features another new experiment of mine: a double clasp - one to make the initial putting on much easier (you know how bracelets are notorious for defeating one hand clasping!!) and one to hold it secure during wear.  You can read more in the Wire Wrap Gemstone Charm Bracelet article.

Adios Amigo!

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