Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Face appears on Zazzle

Today I am starting the Baby (-Teddy) Series from the exclusive artwork by artist Xavier.
I think I shall start with some T-shirts.

These t-shirts on Zazzle can be easily customized by customers - color/style/size.  Almost all of my Zazzle Store clothing are available in Men/Women/Children/Toddler sizes - you can easily choose the desired combination.  Zazzle is so cool!  And yes, you can even change the text to make it really personal.

Baby Face I

Ok .. I am done with this Baby Face .. for now.  I am thinking .. should I put this adorable baby face on, maybe, an iPhone or iPad?  Or shall I go play around with other baby faces??

Life is a series of questions! .. even if they are only over baby faces :D

You can check out more of the incredible (and growing!) range of XAVIER ART on Zazzle from panel below:

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