Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Demon Eyes and Claws

For the last couple of days I have been showing (off!) Xavier Lim's Power Dragons on Zazzle.  They are all available in iPad, and iPhone cases.

Now instead of showing you each design in each case variation, I will just show a summary of the latest Demons Eyes and Claws designs.  All of these should be available in various cases for iPad & iPhones (and maybe even as apparel and cases for other electronic ware.)  Everything is available at Xavier Art on Zazzle.  And everything can be Personalized to fit your specific needs (e.g. you can have your name or company name on it or any other text of your choice)

Demon Eyes

Other Colors available in store at iPhone Cases - Xavier Art on Zazzle

Demon Claws

Other Colors available in store at iPhone Cases - Xavier Art on Zazzle

More XAVIER-ART on Zazzle. Click any to see the full details:
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Demon Dragon on Zazzle

Today, just coz I am still in the same groove (tho some unkind person would say "rut"), I am continuing the Dragons theme at my Zazzle Store (XAVIER ART section).  In addition, I will introduce at least one Demon theme as well ...

Dragon Demons iPhone4 Cases

To find more Xavier-Art iPhone 4 cases (including the variations shown below)

More XAVIER-ART on Zazzle. Click any to see the full details:
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Dragon & Demons - iPhone 3G/3GS Cases
Lest you think I don't care for iPhone3 users, below show  that the today's Dragon Demon design is also made available in IPhone3 cases.  I am an iPhone 3 user afterall! LOL!

More of these Demon Dragon iPhone 3 cases can be found at Xavier-Art iPhone3 cases on Zazzle.

My work day is almost done.  I need to get going and make dinner!  So enjoy yourselves.  Come by anytime for another visit just use Follow By Email option (at the top right) to be informed of more updates :)

Dragon iPhone4 Cases in Color on Zazzle

Dragon iPhone4 Cases on Zazzle
In the previous article iPhone 3G/3GS Cases - Dragon! I promised that I would not leave iPhone 4 users without a chance to get their own Dragon phone cases.    So without further ado, allow me to present our latest iPhone Color Dragon cases.

iPhone4 case Dragon Cyan customizable speckcase

There is always more exclusive Xavier Art at our Zazzle store. Just click any item in the flash panel below to go directly to that item:

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Monday, November 28, 2011

iPhone 3G/3GS Cases - Dragon!

A couple of days ago, I posted iPad Dragon cases to get you ready for the upcoming 2012 Dragon Year.  I know it would be so remiss of me if I did not give you some customizable iPhone 3G/3GS Cases as well.  So without further ado ...

iPhone 3G/3GS Cases - Customizable - on Zazzle

More Xavier Art available on Zazzle (just click any item of interest):
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