Friday, September 30, 2011

Jewelry finds Zazzle

Time for new experimentations.  I thought, how about all that work & love that I have put into those jewellery pieces?  And all those photos I took of them.  Now, can I have them feature on Zazzle even though that is mainly a POD (print on demand) industry and not one would naturally associate handmade accessories and jewellery?

As a first attempt, I found a large enough photo of a bangle I had beaded and combined with felted cabs.  It also featured a lovely clay cabochon by my lovely friend over at Peruzi.

This is my handmade bangle:

and these are my first 2 Zazzle cases (iPhone4 and iPhone3 cases respectively)

H-Art Beaded Cab iPhone3 case - Retro speckcase
H-Art Beaded Cab iPhone3 case - Retro by ClearlyChosen
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Hee!  That was fun!

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