Sunday, September 25, 2011

iPad2 Case & Sooty Present

Though these 2 main items were not strictly created this last week, nor (believe it or not) were they the only two things I did all week .. however I did finally manage to finish the requisite photos and even talk about them plus post them at various places I like.  So these then are my show and tell for the week just passed. :)

Tina's ipad 2 Case
This week I finished an iPad 2 case for my sister. I was very touched and chuffed she asked me to make one for her and I certainly hope she likes it.  And I certainly certainly hope it works as it is supposed to!  It is both a   iPad stand as well as a protective carry case.

More pics and details of the work in procress can be found at: Handmade iPad 2 Case, as part of my Misc/Craft Gallery.

Soot's Birthday Necklace & Earring Set
Swarovski for Soot -
Beaded, Wired, & Coiled

My bday gift to Soot on her 51st.  Lots of bling (and there is no better than the Swarovski kind :). My original design: Shaped RAW (right angle weave) with large focal Swarovski Cosmic pendant - wrapped and coiled.  Earrings to match.  Even chain is handmade - all with Love of course :D

Details of this Sooty Jewelry Birthday Set are found at where I like to document steps and working details.

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