Friday, September 30, 2011

iPad Case - Felted and then Printed!

My beaded, felted iPad case can now be printed directly at Zazzle.  I mean how cool is this!!!  Does it not look like the real deal and in 3D?  Can you believe this is Zazzle's incredible POD (Print On Demand)?
H-Art Felted Cat iPad Case speckcase
H-Art Felted Cat iPad Case by ClearlyChosen
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Addendum 24 Nov 2011 -
iPhone 3G/3GS Case on Zazzle
POD (Print on Demand) industry is just great!  Below I have just created a printed version of the above.  Now this design is available as iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone4 cases

iPhone3 case - Cats! speckcase
iPhone3 case - Cats! by ClearlyChosen
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iPhone 4 Case on Zazzle

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