Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Helena-Art comes to my Zazzle

Helena Art logo
A new  old artist has come to my Zazzle store - under  the label of H-Art or (and this is where I give the game away) also known as Helena-Art.

Yup, to date I have been working on and promoting Xavier-Art, Happy Boy, Sarong Girl - which are all the wonderful creative endeavours from my beloved brothers.

But I knew that sooner or later, I would need to find time to have a go myself.  So today I have :D (all say "Yay".  A bit louder, thanks.)

This is my very first effort and I shall pause here and  go off to 'play' some more ...

Design #1

Samples below, all available from our H-Art Zazzle line:

Design #2

Wow I have been converted!  I am now a fan of fractal art.  The below looks like a lady - like a lady in space, or some dancing fairy lady who looks quite ethereal and about ready to step out to dance.  Doesn't she?  But she really is a bit like Rorschach (ink splatter) test - it is all in what your mind sees :D
H-Art iPhone4 case - Lady In Space speckcase
H-Art iPhone4 case - Lady In Space by ClearlyChosen
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okey dokey folks .. I will have lots more Zazzle new designs before the day is out but for this posting, I will stop here.  You will be able to see more both of the Helena-Art line as well as the whole offerings from Clearly Chosen & Family store on Zazzle.  Please don't be shy - drop by anytime :D

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