Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Boy dresses up in iPhone 3 cases

iPhone 3 and Happy Boy calling ..

Today Happy Boy has decided to cloak himself on iPhone3 in his many happy colors and guises.  I do adore Happy Boy and now he graces iPhone3 cases in vibrant colors, in Retro strips, squares, and circles, and in changes of spot colors.

Remember: there is a Happy Boy in all of us.

Below is a zoomed/magnified version. I love how it looks so I am just trying to give you an eyeful as well!

enlarged area of Happy Boy iPhone case on Zazzle
zoomed in - eyeful of Happy Boy iPhone3 case

Many variations in color and spot-colors are made available (some sample pics below).  I started off with iPhone3 cases this week and will try to get onto iPhone4 cases as well or, if the urge is strong enough, might even do other products.

Many more Happy Boy line of fun products can be found at our Happy Boy Zazzle Department.

And cases with solid colorful backgrounds for people who are vibrantly colorful.
Happy Boy vibrant iPhone3 cases

Happy Boy is happy.
Hope you are too!

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