Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama Thumps The Trump

Yay!  At the recent White House Correspondent's Dinner, Barack Obama took bulleye shot at the rabid dog at his heel, Donald Trump (or as Obama unaffectionately named him, "The Donald").

Trump's pasty insincere smile could not, despite his best efforts, be maintained on his face as the appreciative crowd around him laughed with real hilarity and delight at his expense.

This is a President who will stand up for himself and not take shit from an undeserving President-wannabe.

Let us hope we never see Trump in the White House because if Trump ever gets his arrogant, greedy hands on the White House, not only will we have to endure more "You're Fired" utterances but this dire "prediction" from Obama will not be far off the mark!

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