Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How Dare I Take a Rest!

Gosh, Blogger has been down the last 2 days otherwise I would have told you by now why I do dare take a rest!

Since the start of the year (2011) I have been heads-down-obsessed with one time-delimited project after another.  And it felt like it would never end.  Before one task was finished, 10 more have reared their heads demanding they NEEDED to be done now.

Mine you, I am not talking about the Money Flow (not inwards anyways) but the Task load. Of course it is me - I am the obsessive one.  I am the one who has to spend 10 hours rather than 1 in doing any task at hand.  I am the one who is picky and finicky and wanting perfection even tho I know that that is a delusionist's dream.

And when I take a look at my workload in my mind, it is bigger than Mt. Everest and messier than a hoarder's junkyard.

And so I know that I am actually working at the lowest optimal level and hoping (fruitlessly I might add) for the Optimum results.

And waking up with pains everywhere and going to coma (it ain't even sleep anymore) with even more pain was just my body SCREAMING out for a change. For the better.

Last 2 weeks, I researched, read till my eyeballs could no longer see, and wrote up tutorials on:
1) How to create Google Sites - step-by-step
2) How to open a Zazzle Store - step-by-step
3) Some basics on Illustrator and Photoshop
4) What the heck is and how to use Feedburner
and a multitude of other topics that must, by its very nature, pop up and say they too need to be learnt before you can do this and that.

So I am happy to still be learning new stuff but I was getting all mighty frazzled coz those things I had to learn was just so I could do something else (another project yet undone).

Hence I pulled my Sense and Sensibility cloak on, doused it with some courage & resolution, and gave myself permission to take at least a week off.  And I made sure I told my mateys so that it became a doubled resolute promise to myself.

And yes, I confess that I have still been working this "off" week.  However I have taken the time to ask the oft-avoided questions (and write them down) of WHAT it is that I want .. in the next 5 years and thereafter.  WHICH among all the projects I have, would do the most to help me achieve those aims.  And (here is the hard-hard part) .. what are the seemingly important & even possessively beloved projects that I need to give up or drastically change.

And while this is still an on-going process this week, I feel so much better and Clearer already.  The road ahead seems less littered and the signposts are so much clearer, Crisper.

I am glad to have given myself permission to take this time off without guilt and without the constant tug-a-wall amongst all the things clamouring for supreme importance.

So I wonder .. synchronicity and all that ... if you are reading this .. do you think you too might be due for some time off to refocus, re-center, re-align your energies in clearer directions?


  1. H-buddy, good on you for allowing yourself a week off, and it's good that you're feeling much better and clearer. We all need it sometimes. I have learnt (or at least been trying) not to overcommit myself by agreeing to do everything that comes my way. I'm in the midst of a very busy period because of work commitment etc, but after that, I'll take a break too. Enjoy the rest of your time off. :)

  2. Hi Caroline .. feels so long since I connected with you :) It has been fab - one of the best decisions I have made in a long while. How is your mom? I wish you a good rest as well. A rest, especially with focus (like "for this week, I will not worry about work" or "for this week, I will focus only on people I love") is very beneficial. Hugs!

  3. good nite ..

    nice too find your blog ...
    love mo & the girls

  4. Thanks Mona and Gaffer Girls .. your visit is much appreciated :D. Lovely "meeting" you over coffee :D