Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learning Illustrator

After years of knowing that knowing Illustrator would make my workflow so much easier (rather than struggling with Photoshop to try and force it to do clean line illustrations for which poor PS is not totally suitable for), I have finally succumbed. Following the beginnings of my ClearlyChosen & Family Zazzle store, I have faced a stronger need than ever to learn Adobe Illustrator.

There are many good Illustrator tutorials (even free ones) on the net.  I use them but I do feel more comfortable with real-turn-the-page-paper books. 

And my little ramble here is to say that I do love the smooth sheet, colorful, fully illustrated, highly step-by-step details that are the calling card of "Teach Yourself Visually" genre of tutorial books.  

And I think that one of the things that makes them even more appealing, satisfying, and comforting is that ... you can flip through the pages (especially in the beginning) as if what you are about to learn is not so hard at all!!!  Because the first part is the detailed part that generally deals with the things you already know.  I know this is some kind of trick to help us want to buy these types of books, but I must confess that knowing all that, I am still Comforted and feel better about learning something new :)

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