Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye Drupal, Hello Google Sites?

Let me start with a groan.  Maybe you are groaning too as I am back .. after a  very long absence.

Zazzle was something I was meant to be doing today.  I have talked and thought about Zazzle for months and months.  I even have people waiting for me to get started. I bit the bullet this morning, sat down, and got started ... oops, no wait ... hiccups time ...

I need to document stuff .. at least basic stuff, so I can find them easily again.  How many times have you spent hours looking for info and then later to have to do all that again just coz you didn't put it somewhere safe.  As for me .. too many times to want to repeat.

So off I go to document my new found Zazzle info.  And I like to do it on my sites coz I can get to it at anytime plus it might benefit someone else out there one day.

Then I realized I need to upgrade my Drupal sites.  Core modules upgrade, patches, themes upgrade, contributed modules upgrade.  AGAIN.  I started and then thought in frustration - there must be something better.  These endless upgrades eats up a whole day at times especially when something worrisome goes wrong and all sites become corrupted and/or inaccessible.

AND I an also fedup with my hosting going down, ever so often, (like once a day lately) for more than a few minutes at a time.  So I hope the alternative I find will give me both robust hosting and software solutions.

So hours in looking for alternatives, not really believing there was anything out there.  Then I found Google Sites that just may do basically what I need - store categorized information in an easily accessible way.  And without the horror of endless technical background maintenance fraught with worry and downtime dangers.

I now have to put Zazzle aside yet once again as I work on the Google sites and check out
1) it works
2) what it can do and cannot do
3) what I have to do to transfer information over from my Drupal site (TONS of work here alone)
4) how to map to my true domains
5) what happens to my eCommerce platforms
6) ... if I am ready for all this work and already itching to get back to some creative crafting.

This is my life for the next foreseeable weeks.  Is this a groan or what?!!!

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