Saturday, April 30, 2011

God Forbid: Donald Trump as America's President?

I know from how elections go and how the most improbable results can arise from the "democratic vote" - but Lordy Lordy me, the world would be taking another step further into the realms of Insanity (and let me say, pure Stupidity) if Donald Trump ever gets elected as President of America.

God Forbid.

I don't want to have a big long rant, much as that would soothe my outraged senses, but people of America - please open your eyes and ears.  This is a man who thinks, in the midst of the current world crisis, terrorists and fanatics, droughts and flooding, that what is "really really important" is that he has made President Obama prove he is an a American citizen.  He, Donald Trump claims he was responsible for being able to make the President (re-) release his birth certificate. He, Donald Trump, proclaims to reporters "Today I am very proud of myself because I have accomplished something that no one else has accomplished".

What kind of idiot is this?  Can he manage to make a fool of himself and not even know it?

I think God sent him along to prove how good Obama is as President in comparison to Trump.

God Forbid that America would not see this.  We have enough heartache and disasters in the world.  Do we want a Trump on top of all of that?

God Forbid.

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