Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Google Sites and Zazzle

Yay! After days of mugging through technical uncertainties, my Google Sites are coming together and are proving a very viable (and Faster and Easier) alternative to my Drupal sites.  I have even (in my usual obsessive self) been documenting the step-by-step how-to to make using Google Sites easier for any other newbie :)

And I am also FINALLY getting into Attempting to do my Zazzle sites.  I have promised my brothers I would set it up and share with them .. and that promise is now growing Wrinkles.

So in the same vein of being fastidious (coz blimey .. there is Always so much to learn and remember when one enters the world of another software platform) ... yup, you Are astute ... I have been documenting step-by-step how to open Zazzle store too.  This is still WIP (work in progress) ... but the key word is PROGRESS!!!


And inbetween times, I rotate my very achy neck and shoulders and play with my precious shinny beads :) 


  1. Horray, H-buddy! I don't understand any of these technical stuff, but big congrats for achieving what you set out to do. It must be very rewarding to have overcome all the technical issues to get a site up and running smoothly. Well done buddy!

  2. Hello C-buddy .. thanks. It is very satisfying but long ways yet to go ... so limited beady time, which as you know, is Pure Suffering! :D