Thursday, April 21, 2011

DNS, CNAME, and other technical Horrors!

That is where I am today ... bogged down in the extremely confusing world of DNS, CNAMES, name servers, mapping .. yuk yuk yuk.

Yesterday I was testing out how a personal Google Site worked.  All happy.  All good.

Today I am trying to use one of my domains to point to a Google Site I created.
So instead of having to type something like:
I can just type in

And I fell immediately into the technical gooblely-gook technical jargon swirl.

  • have to map domain to google site
  • have to not have naked domain
  • have to have CNAME aliased as www in my Registrar's DNS management system
  • have to CNAME "destination to the following address":
I am now stuck and just felt I had to tell someone, even if that someone is just Me!!!
Waiting for registrar to get back to tell me if they can help.  If not, will I be looking at transferring registrars (to someone where I can supposedly change the name server records, and CNAME, and all that stuff .. whatever they are!)?
Should I try to read more endless FAQs and forums.

Nope.  My eyes and brain have given up.

Thank god for the peaceful beads that are waiting for me!!!
update: 21Apr 2011 1:04pm

ooh, that was so fast - I got my first response from my registrar (DirectNic).
I just hope they can help me out.
I would not like to have to transfer my domains as I have been with DirectNic from my very first domain registration in 2001 and I have been happy with them all along.
Fingers Crossed and Waiting .....

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