Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 32 in Review

What have I done this week

Finished Square Circle of Flowers - beaded felted bracelet
And by golly, I even managed to do the photos and the copy write and the posting on forum and facebook.  Sometimes I amaze myself!! LOL.

Then I finished The Bling of Swarovski & Flowers - another beaded, felted bracelet.
And again, wonders of wonders, I managed to photo, photo edits, list, and post to sites.
This one I love so much that I have decided that it is a keeper.  I am wearing it now and it is so light, I can barely feel it.  But I must admit that felted bracelets are not only  super ideal for winter times, but they would be an extra snuggly comfort coz they are warm as well.

I Got Lost ...
I am sure other things happened this week but it is now week 35 and I can't be bother to backtrack to figure out what else I did from week 32 to 35; so I will just move on.

I know I went down to Geelong for my FIL's 80th and got really ill.  The rest is a blur ...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 31 in Review

Old New Piece
Finally, am getting round to publishing jewelry pieces long completed, photographed but never listed nor published.

It is so much more fun to make than to do the photographing and writing up and listing etc. etc.  Though I tell myself to not let too many things build up, they still do because often as soon as one creation is completed, the ideas that are yet to be born into this word is already clamouring to be made and manifested.  And it is so much fun.

However to take photos, to edit photos, to write up about it ... it seems to take hours and hours and so is often a task that is left undone.

Anyway so far, right now being in the middle of the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, I am happy to say that I have at least written up, listed, and published 2 items:

Wire crochet Swarovski infused necklace

 and my first win:
Madame Pompadour vintage braiding, beaded choker

This "Madame Pompadour" piece gave me my very first taste in ever winning at any jewelry-making challenge :).  This was a challenge held by Australian Beading Forum, in their weekely YOJ (Year of Jewelry) themed challenges.

Yay.  LSD is the winner
For last week's YOJ challenge, theme being "LSD" .. my own little LSD (Larry-Seymour Diamond - the felted owlet) was born.  He was quickly requested by Natalie Fletcher who is taking him to his first music fest - The Splendour in the Grass.

He hopped on the first express parcel out, eager to not miss the fest and within days of his departure, I found out that he won the challenge.  That was really unexpected as I thought a number of the other entries were more likely winner but looks like he might have won a few hearts - which he hopes to do even more so while at the music fest.

Up to 50% Big Sale
Held the sale on 10am Thur 29 Jul 2010 - and had quite a lot of buyers.  Enough to keep me going for another little while.  Sad it has to come to this - selling off assets at a loss to keep afloat!  

However I did find out some very interesting things.  Some things I already knew but it is always good to be reminded, especially when they are useful facts.

Some Like it Hot, and Some Like it Cold
Some People Read, and Some People Don't

No matter how much details and information I had given about the sale or how many places I had placed the information or how I tried to make sure that it is accessible .. it is inevitable that I will get emails that ask me exactly what I had already repeated many times.  So, some people do not read.

But on the other hand, it never fails to impress, touch, and alert me that there are some people who read - who really read.  Even the little things I put into my writing or newsletter - a throw away line or emotion, or sometimes when I think what I have said is a bit obscure (which is how I wanted it) .. and they most won't even pick up on the underlying emotion .. someone will write in and I discover, they have actually read my words!!!

Like I had a wonderful person who wrote in after I had sent out my newsletter to ask if I was ok as in my newsletter I had talked about life changes and how they are not always clear all at once.

Social Marketing Works
Here in particular I am talking about my newly discovered location - facebook.
The newsletter and facebook both worked in terms of getting the news out that I was having sales.
(The Aust. Beading Forum was less effective in this matter).
Facebook also had the added advantage that it is very live and immediate - one can even chat about the sale while it is on.  Which is what some of my lovely friends did.  It all helps to advertise an event.
And on facebook, your friends help promote the upcoming event by talking about it, by reminding others, and even by saying what their favourite items are.
Lesson >> get more friends on facebook.  (Quality over Quantity tho.)  Becuase Facebook works!

The Sale was Great but ...
The sale was great and like I said, I can breathe a bit easier for a while.  However this is NOT the way to survive.  Which is so obvious I should not even have written it down!

This selling and seeing the sales and the money come in - I remember in my hey day (which was only a few years ago but seems so very very long ago when making money seemed easy) I really felt a buzz and enjoyed the retail side - all of it: from the buying to the packing and working out numbers to the selling.  Not so anymore.  I think that is as good a sign as I will get.  Time to phase down or out(?) my retail side and concentrate more on ... er ... "other" things.