Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 40 in Review

Malware Alert at my site
Working hard all day, trying to get my first CCC (Clearly Creative Challenge) up and running.  Was working with all relevant sites - including, of course, - which is my main store, when I get a Google Malware warning when trying to get into my own site.  Which I was accessing with no problems but a few minutes ago prior to that!

For anyone who has had this experience, in the middle of concentrated work and pressed for time, you will know what a low and sinking feeling this produces.  This is the first time I have had this kind of warning and it makes me sick - on so many levels.

One thing is for certain: it has nothing to do with me.  I am not the perpetrator but someone might have hacked my site.
The other thing I know for sure: this will mean hours and  hours of trying to fix this before I can feel safe again and go back to my mountain of Things That Have to Be Done.

Not happy. Am working on it now.

From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
A day before the YOJ (Year of Jewellery) challenge on Aussie Beading Forum ends, I finally get an idea for the theme.  My first wirework bracelet .. techinque tips gleaned from YouTube as well as from a Japanese magazine .. here are the fruits of nature I gathered From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon bracelet.

A Touch of Frost n Gold - charm bracelet

A Touch of Frost n Gold started off as a midnight stint to play with some charms which evolved to playing with wirewrapping and then ended up with little bells and girly frothy just right for a bride.

My Name is Sunshine bird brooch

My Name is Sunshine is the name of this birdie brooch and he has waited a long time to be able to be presented to the world.  Now he is looking to fly to his real family, and new home.  His mission is to bring smile and sunshine to faces.
Update as at 6 Oct 2010 - This little bit of sunshine was given the Acronym MNIS by my Caroline buddy and as soon as he made his appearance on Etsy, my Angelic friend Bev Reynolds snapped him up. And MNIS is oh so happy because there is no better home, no lovelier person than Bev.

Modern Shell Geometrics Illusion Necklace

Very simple to make - and Fun. And perhaps the best of all - my DH for the very first time, totally, genuinely, really and truly loves this design.  (Big Grin)  He is normally so hard to please and even though I think he has no good taste, I am inordinately pleased!

Details of Shell Illusion Necklace available.

for YOJ Monolith to Obelisk Pendant Necklace
I would like to ask you to wish me well and good luck on this but by the time that you read this, the results would have come in.

This is my entry for this week's Year of Jewellery theme challenge, the theme being "Monolith".  I went a-goggling for all things Monolith and came across an almost-synonym, i.e. "obelisk" ... which I find is a word I really like.  And somehow out of that, I got to do a pattern I have always wanted to and it is so Obelisk (to me)!

All details on thoughts and wip notes for the YOJ Monolith Obelisk Pendant Necklace are available if you are interested.

Technicolor Dream Cross
made this a while ago but something about it felt incomplete.  Originally meant it to be just a pendant but am now glad I added the chain.  It kind of finishes it.  And the cross is still independent and easily detachable.

Full details of Technicolor Dream Cross available with working notes.

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