Friday, October 1, 2010

Week 39 In Review

Oops. Talk about Slack.  Yup, slack is me!!!  This was supposed to be for week 39.  It is now end of week 40 and I forgot to publish.  Oh well, comforting myself with "Better late than never" sentiments.

The Yay Yay Yay below was yay-ed at the start of last Monday!!!  Whoosh!  Was that Time flying by agan?!!!

Yay Yay Yay! All 5 pairs of earrings my Bugle Dangle collection sold in one go!!! Yay Yay Yay!!!

3D RAWs - Very Cagey!

First, the Ocean Garden - open mesh pendant.

Next, Violet Blue Frost pendant.

This was actually my first in this, what I called, the "Urban Rock" series: my Red Power pendant.

Pandora-like Handmade Beads - Another RAW creation

The following (also done a couple of weeks ago) born from the idea of creating spacers and beads using the Right Angle Weave.  They are a perfect fit for Pandora snake chains and findings.

This above is the Wooden Warm Pandora earrings.

Then, above called the Swarovski Blues earrings and

Ice Maiden earrings  which is a perfect for the Gentle Trio necklace below.

Back to YOJ with Swirls of Snow earrings
I have been off the Year of Jewellery challenges (held at Australian Beading Forum) for a while now.  Ever since I went away to Geelong and fell ill.  I just did not feel motivated or inspired to take up any of the YOJ challenges.

Well, finally today ... I have saddled up again and entered my "Swirls of Snow" earrings.  The theme this week is "Eskimo" and comp ends midnight tonight (Sun, 26 Sep 2010).  


  1. I'm loving all your new designs, H-buddy. They're totally gorgeous, some are funky, and others are romantic. You're one versatile bead artist!

  2. Hello my C-buddy!!! thanks so much honey. Any positive comment from you I take as a Massive Compliment coz you have talent oozing out of your fingertips!!! And I look fwd eagerly to seeing and meeting your wee doggie who is, I assume, in the midst of being created :D