Friday, October 1, 2010

Save the Dolphins - please

I caught an Oprah show by accident and found out about "The Cove" - an award winning documentary.  It is not the awards nor even that Oprah supports this that I want to emphasize.

I want to say to the Japanese government and the people who can help - that is You and Me .. to please please PLEASE help stop the yearly slaughter of dolphins.

They showed some very graphic scenes.  A beautiful cove where the dolphins are trapped.  Tiny men on tiny boats in a sea that has turned totally red from their unrelenting slaughter of defenceless dolphins.  Imagine it .. tiny boats in a once beautiful cove, tiny boats floating not on blue waters but in Red Blood, and these tiny men with their harpoons .. killing and killing and killing.

Dolphins.  Could anyone find gentler creatures.  The only creatures known to man who actually save humans by instinct.  Their Zen like calming smiles.  Their soulful eyes.

Image from "The Cove"

Did you know, dolphins are the only animals that are Self-Aware - like Humans, which at this moment, is not much of a recommendation to be Self-Aware because it IS the Humans who are Killing them in Unjustifiable horror.  Yearly.  Every single year.  Thousands and thousands of these gentle creatures die a horrendous slow death.  20, 000.  Every year from September to March .. these seemingly heartless men in their tiny boats Kill and Kill and Kill.  Sanctioned by the Japanese government.

Please Please Please ... just a few moments of your time. Just to sign a petition.  It might save these magical beautiful creatures ... please sign ....

Or you can go directly to:

footnote: one of the activist who is the Campaign Director behind Save Japan Dolphins is Ric O'Barry.  Ric was the trainer of original trainer of the TV series, Flipper.  Ric turned activist the day that Flipper swam into his arms and committed suicide.  Keeping them in captivity is cruel to these gentle souls.  Killing them this way is beyond horror.  Please help.  Thank you.

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