Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sad: City and Kinokuniya

Just had one of my rare and infrequent trips into the city.  Sad faces and run down aura on almost everyone.  Eeek.  What is happening.  Harried faces, equally harried spirits, and rumpled tumbled clothing.  Bit sad.

Kinokuniya (bookshop) and beloved Jewelry Making books
... on the decline.  Last time I went into Kinokuniya, I was caught and held spell bound for like 4-6 hours.  So many books and magazines. I especially love the Japanese graphical beading and craft books.  And there were also a lot of Western beading books like by Laura McCabe,etc.

Today .. the section that I loved has shrunk down to 1/10th of what it was.  Gone.  Smattering of jewelry making  and beading books compared to before.  And wirework being so hot right now .. there was only ONE semi-related wireworking book.

What happened????


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  2. I'm thinking the beading trend 'explosion' is starting to settle. Better snap up those books asap!

  3. Hi Nita .. sad but I think you may be right. Sadder still is that there was no longer anything I wanted to snap up. The unique mags and books that they had previously, that made Kinokuniya such a treasure trove, were no longer there!