Monday, October 25, 2010

MNIS and Little Ethan

"My Name is Sunshine" (MNIS) met the newly born and remarkable Little Ethan and together they are flying off to USA to their new home with one of the loveliest person I know: Beverley Reynolds.

This my MNIS:

and this here is the amazingly beautiful Little Ethan, crafted by the ever so talented Caroline Fung.
MNIS went over to visit with Caroline and to pick up Little Ethan for their virgin flight to USA to be with the adorable Bev.  I must confess that MNIS's reasons for going over to Caroline's place was not purely altruistic.  He had heard and seen pictures of Little Ethan's aunt - the Saucy Molly (also crafted by Caroline Fung) and he was drooling to meet her.  And he was in seventh heaven I am sure when he did.  Caroline was kind enough to take a picture of them together and though MNIS looks very well behaved in the photo, I cannot guarantee he was as gentlemanly when the camera was not pointed at them!!
As you can see, MNIS is a poor shadow of beauty next to the amazing radiance of both Little Ethan and Saucy Molly.  Caroline Fung is one of my most favourite artists, and you can clearly see why.  So do pop over to her blog for a enjoyable viewing of her incredible creations: Caroline Fung

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  1. Hel-buddy, thanks for posting little Ethan and the picture of the three of them together, and providing a link to my blog. Mr MNIS is absolutely adorable and has left a lasting impression with Molly and the whole owl household. Ethan is so fortunate to have him as a "big brother" and will no doubt enjoy his journey with him to the States. We should collaborate more in future!