Thursday, October 21, 2010

CCC1 - My First Clearly Creative Challenge - Sold Out

Wow I can barely believe it .. after much work and even more trepidation, I launched my first challenge with head full of worries that I might "build" it, but no one will come.

Unbelievably it all sold out. More than sold out! I originally made 20 packs thinking I must find a way to sell them if the challenge does not work. And I ended up having to scrape and break up other standard packs to create another 4 packs - due to demand.  This was the challenge pack, based on Swarovski recommended colors, themed "Harmony at Source".

The challenge (still running as all 24 participants are busy creating .. I hope) was to create something - be it jewellery, home decor, furnishing, fashion wear, accessories - or whatever, using this color combo.

The prizes up on offer are a full pack of Swarovski 5810 LIGHT GOLD pearls, 4mm - a brand new color just released by Swarovski and not readily available from stores.  And a winner's Award Banner that the winner can display wherever they wish.

I am truly grateful to everyone, friends and new friends, who are participating in this challenge. I am truly excited to see what they come up with.  I am sure it will all be breath-taking given the breath and depth of the  talents they have.

Everyone is welcome to vote, which will take place Monday-Friday, 8-12 November 2010 at the CCC1 Entries page - where all the entries will be posted as well.

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