Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 38 In Review

The RAW Seduction continues
This week should hopefully see me photograph and publish more of the RAW (right angle weave) variations that have seduced me in the last week or so.

RAW Petite Fleur collections 
In this collection, I even managed to make 2 rings.  Rings are just something I never do (did!) I just love the RAW variations with petite flower embelishments.  The Swarovski crystals and pearls add that something extra special.  Even tho I say this myself, I have to say ... I do LIKE this collection a lot!!

More pictures and how to notes for RAW Petite Fleur collection is available FYI.

Silken Square Bracelet in RAW

This bracelet is like silk ... it is flexible and moves with your wrist.
You are welcome to checkout working details and notes of Silken Square Bracelet.

RAW in Topaz Bugles with Petite Flowers
I was most pleasantly surprised to see how different the raw weave is with bugles beads instead of round seed beads.  It opens up a whole new vista of possibilities.

This set is one variation.

FYI: Details of the Topaz RAW Pendant.
FYI: Details of the Topaz RAW Earrings.

Wire Weaving - finally
I have been meaning to try my hand at this.  Bought a kit yonks ago and did not use it.  It sat there and sat there.  Finally in the last 2 weeks or so, I got around  to giving it a go.  Mixed feelings at the end of it.  The closeup weaving is quite ok but the overall leaves me a bit nonplussed.  What do I do with it now?  How can I get a smoother finish?  What else can I shape it into?

I have more close up pics of this, my first Wire Weaving experiment if you are interested.

Wooded Spring - Pendant in Right Angle Weave

Yup ... more RAW.  Made a few weeks ago and finally published:

I really really like this Wooded Spring Pendant.  First because has a Spring like air about it from it mossy green background, petite crystal flowers and swinging leaves; to it very mobile supple body.

Sunshine Square Earrings
Yup, still on my RAW odessey.  This dangles well with its sparkles and its long, soft, supple body.  The Sunshine Square earrings is literally like squares of sunshine - swinging and glinting with light and sparkles.

A Swinging Column of Flowers
Another little something that came into existence a couple of weeks ago but only now have they had a chance to shine anywhere but in my growing box of "Completed but Needs to be Listed blah blah blah".  If I do say so myself, this pair of earrings is sophisticated and possesses a large dose of gentleness and fun.  It's soft, muted (but importantly, SPARKLY) Swarovski colors is enlivened by it supple, swingy, flexible body that catches light and attention wherever it goes!!!  Hee Hee ... come see full details of Flower Column earrings.

That brings my week in review to a close and i won't bore you with all the other stuff I did... ;)

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