Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 38 In Review

The RAW Seduction continues
This week should hopefully see me photograph and publish more of the RAW (right angle weave) variations that have seduced me in the last week or so.

RAW Petite Fleur collections 
In this collection, I even managed to make 2 rings.  Rings are just something I never do (did!) I just love the RAW variations with petite flower embelishments.  The Swarovski crystals and pearls add that something extra special.  Even tho I say this myself, I have to say ... I do LIKE this collection a lot!!

More pictures and how to notes for RAW Petite Fleur collection is available FYI.

Silken Square Bracelet in RAW

This bracelet is like silk ... it is flexible and moves with your wrist.
You are welcome to checkout working details and notes of Silken Square Bracelet.

RAW in Topaz Bugles with Petite Flowers
I was most pleasantly surprised to see how different the raw weave is with bugles beads instead of round seed beads.  It opens up a whole new vista of possibilities.

This set is one variation.

FYI: Details of the Topaz RAW Pendant.
FYI: Details of the Topaz RAW Earrings.

Wire Weaving - finally
I have been meaning to try my hand at this.  Bought a kit yonks ago and did not use it.  It sat there and sat there.  Finally in the last 2 weeks or so, I got around  to giving it a go.  Mixed feelings at the end of it.  The closeup weaving is quite ok but the overall leaves me a bit nonplussed.  What do I do with it now?  How can I get a smoother finish?  What else can I shape it into?

I have more close up pics of this, my first Wire Weaving experiment if you are interested.

Wooded Spring - Pendant in Right Angle Weave

Yup ... more RAW.  Made a few weeks ago and finally published:

I really really like this Wooded Spring Pendant.  First because has a Spring like air about it from it mossy green background, petite crystal flowers and swinging leaves; to it very mobile supple body.

Sunshine Square Earrings
Yup, still on my RAW odessey.  This dangles well with its sparkles and its long, soft, supple body.  The Sunshine Square earrings is literally like squares of sunshine - swinging and glinting with light and sparkles.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 37 In Review

Though it was much like pulling teeth, this week I have finally gotten back into some semblance of web work.  I have actually managed to make myself sit down in front of the computer and did some photo edits, copywrites, and listings.  Here are some of them; they were completed some weeks ago but had remained unseen and unshared in my "done" box.

Color Me Joyful Necklace

I really like this.  It offers both the elegance and sparkle of Swarovski crystal and CAB beads, crocheted with AAA Stardust brass (3um silver plated) beads.  That makes for a very flexible and drapable necklace.  And the experimentation of using that with custom made and embellished felt beads has ensured that there are now no longer unsightly gaps between the crochet rope and the adjoining item (whether it be a bead cap, a focal bead, or clasp).

More details available on Color Me Joyful necklace including many more pics and construction how-to notes.

Pink Green Sparkle Felt Pendant
Another piece I finished some time ago but could not get my butt in gear to photo and write up about it.

Very happy with the results of this.  I love the colors though I would never have mentally envisaged that these 2 colours would work so well together.  Very light.  Very dangly and moves with supreme ease.  And last but not least, very Swarovski crystal sparkly.

Details on this Pink Green Sparkle Felt pendant, including many more pic and how to notes available.

Sooty 2010 Birthday Jewelry Set
The following was specially made as a birthday present to my best friend.  More details and work tips can be found at Freeform Netted Ocean Treasures - the full necklace and earrings set.

Orchid Water Vase
These vases are so very pretty.  The top has an indent for tealight candles.  You lift that off, put in water, and put in your cut orchid.  And it looks fantastic!  

The set shown above was bought for Michelle Tan's birthday recently and so it has not water in it.  But it already looks good.

Only orchids are recommended; other flowers tend to decay, dirty the water, and stink.  Put 1-2 dropts of bleach into the water to keep it looking crystal clear.  Orchids can last up to 3 weeks in the vase.

Changing Work Space
I have been moaning for a while now that I have been having difficulty sitting down for extended periods to attend to web and computer admin work that I really need to get done.  One of the big (mental) hindrances is that lately I find I just want to sit in front of the telly (so that even at the peripheral, there is sound and "things happening") and do my work.  But because my computers have been set up in the office and despite having a laptop and wireless on the laptop, I still feel bound to the office - which is where I have not wanted to be (too claustrophobic and too "lonely"); hence have been putting off all my computer essential work.  To move the laptop (which is also connected to a larger monitor for graphics work) involved too much of a hassle as it meant moving and adjusting the wiring, plus having to synch data from laptop to desktop in the office ~ all proved too much of an effort to bother with.

Today, after putting in a few minutes of meditation (yes I know it always makes a difference to the day but I keep resisting this as well), I have moved things around so that the laptop is now in the living room.  I can sit and have background activities (i.e. telly on :) and I feel much better now about sitting down to do some work.  What a relief!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 35 in Review

My First "Real" Peyote Cuff Bracelet
I have played around with peyote before but always using economy larger seed beads (from size 8 to 6).  This is my first "real" one - using only size 11, Maria George's precision delicas.  And I must say ... I am quite happy with the whole thing - from my squiggle design, to the attachment of the clasp (which is surprisingly quite seamless), to the look and color of the whole thing.  Not sure when I will bother making another one of these.  It was just something I always wanted to have done ... and now I have.  Yeah!

I call this "Tendrils - Peyote Cuff Bracelet" in honour of the squiggles I made up using brush presets in Photoshop.

Bugle Dangle Earrings

These earrings were fun to make.  I had a design that I have been meaning to have a go at and then when I got felled by the vicious virus bug, these were part of my "medication".

Final note before publishing ...
OK ... I "lost" the week. Again.  I know we are now into Week 37 .. and this posting was for Week 35. And I am quite sure that I did other things I might have wanted to talk about here.  But for some reason, I have had a need to stay away from my formerly beloved computers .. and so lately I have had very little web outputs anywhere.

Thought I would post this anyway despite it all being a bit late.  Looking forward to acquiring some discipline again and finding the motivation that would make me want to talk and be with my computers again.  Till then, thanks for dropping by.