Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 30 In Review

Shopping and Goggle Searching
Someone should really pay Google for creating so many sales.  Each time I research something, I seem to get diverted into seeing so many things I want.  Oh I forgot ... lots of people ARE already paying Google!

The lastest I-must-have I found was something that I was not even looking for, never thought anyone had, and was not interested anyway.  It is called the  Crop A Dile 2 Big Bite Hole Punch (by We R Memory Keepers)

I can't remember where I read the review that made me WANT to have it ... but thanks to Google for pointing the way and despite telling myself that I don't NEED it right NOW ... I searched.  Then stopped.  Then searched another day.  Then stopped.  It is on ebay and etsy.  And I am watching them. And I contacted the sellers for shipping cost.  And being impatient .. I googled. Again.

And this is when it pays off ... I found one.  At clearance.  On the TVSN site (thanks Google).  Cheaper than all the others.  Well it is cheaper in USA but after postage etc ... it comes to about the same as here; which is about AU$80.  No, actually it is more expensive here in Aust coz that is just the price, excl. postage.  To get it from Ameria incl postage .. that would still be cheaper.

Unless you are like me.  An avid lucky Googler ... mine is about half the price!!! Yay!  Can't wait for it to arrive so I can store (hoard?) it in my tools and gadgets box. (I am sure I will need it.  One day :) )

Addendum (27 Jul 2010): I got it.  It arrived! And whoopee it is great.  And TVSN gave me 3 boxes of beautiful multicolored eyelets as well.  Whoopee!!! What a bargain.  Thank you Google.  Thank you TVSN!!!

I am so Stuck. But there may be a Higher Purpose
I was feeling very stuck but in that stuck mode of not being good for anything else other than wandering aimlessly from link to link, site to site, I came across someone I had never heard of before: Sean Stephenson.  You can find him at Time To Stand.  He is 3feet tall and he is one of the biggest inspiration I have ever seen.

Spoon Theory
What a great article.  For the first time, I have a glimpse into understanding what it must be like to have Lupus. And I thought I had it bad.

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