Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 28 In Review

Reconnect with Old Friend
Found a very sought after friend from my youth - Christina Bong.  Found her on Facebook, got her website and manage to go from there.

Which led to me thinking back on my last 30 years.

Facebook Mindbenders
FB and its many apps are still a bit confusing at times.

I had jotted down some very rough notes re. the app NetworkedBlogs - how it can pull postings from your various blog/sites and (automatically if you wish) plonk them on either your Personal FB wall or on your FB business page's wall.  But would it create multiple duplicate feed on your FB home page (which you don't want) and will you remember where those settings were. 

Additionally, what is the difference between having a NB widget on your site so readers could follow, and a Google Friend Connect which allowed you to do the same thing.  Could you just have one and not the other?

These questions are answered in my:

In My Wanderings this week
Researching ideas for YOJ538 - The Wheel, one of the things I considered was a spinning pinwheel.  And I found 2 delightful places with free patterns.

I finally ended up with setting for the lyrics from "The Windmills in your Mind" - about circle within a spiral, and wheel within a wheel concept and came up with my Circle Within A Spiral Wheel pendant:

Lucky Lucky me.  This week I received a beautiful magazine "Embellish" from a talented buddy, Natalie Fletcher. Natalie makes the most wonderful and sought after Peruzi cabs.  I bought one, got one free and I love 'em both.

Then another lovely, adorable friend Kay who owns Kay's Artycles - a really great shopping place for all kinds of beads and findings - sent me some free brooch backs.  All becuase she read I had none.  And I must say they are top quality.  I will have to indulge and get more of these from the lovely Kay :D

Emily Oot is born
Emily Oot, sister to first born, Oscar Oot is born.  She is a 2-way swinger and can be both a brooch or a pendant.  or she can just look pretty.

Emily is a transformed handmade felted cab who has been beaded into an owlet ready for loving.

Bert and Ernie Brooch also join the party
My next new felted owl brooch - Bert and Ernie Brooch.  Don't they look happy and smug together?

Correction: I do the boys an injustice by calling em "smug".  It was correctly pointed out to me by lovely Kerrie Slade that the boys look nervous and rather scared.  And indeed they do!  Must be frightening not know if anyone will love them and take them home!

Serious Sophie is born

Serious Sophie is a new design which caters for free sizing.  She was born as a direct result of a request for one of these winter neck warmers for a 4-year old.

Coincidences or Am I just An Enabler?
Sometimes, if I am lucky, the things I make kind of name themselves.  That is, they will whisper their names in your mind, and when you get it ... it will feel right.

Emily Oot named herself.  Her first name.  
She was destined for a forum member (Julz) - if she wanted it.  
After the show and tell of Emily Oot, Julz tells me that her daughter's name is Emily so obvious Emily Oot is meant to go to her.

Serious Sophie - when she was "born" and "named herself", it crossed my mind as to whether another coincidence would occur but I dismissed it, as one does.
Serious Sophie was destined for Sonia who wanted a little critter necklet for her daughter.
After Serious Sohpie's show and tell, Sonia writes and tells me that her daughter's name is Sophia.
So another "meant to be"!

It is great when these things happen, isn't it?
Things come in threes, don't they?
I wonder what the third "coincidence" will be?

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