Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 27 in Review

Sun 27 June 2010
Cut Dead Wood - Rationalize
Too many things all over the place - that is what I have, and it is doing my head no favours.  So now I am going to rationalize and cut back, pull together, make whole, instead of having all these disparate parts.  Though I am currently "attacking" my various sites, they really are just one of many facets of my life and mind that has been depleted by trying to go in too many directions. And they are in some deeper sense, symbolic.

Started putting new information into ClearlyChosen rather than JEMLibrary as this will eventually be discarded and all info migrated over to the former.

Cut down on yak-yak.  I always worry about how a person reading one of my articles or tutorials will use my article.  So I write as if I am talking to them and as if they might not understand much and so I elaborate.  And I try to put in photos, images, whatever.  And all that takes time.  A LOT of time.  So instead of being able to finish the 5 topics I had in my mind, I can barely finish one.  And at the end of it, I feel like I have had enough and just want to get away.  Which means nothing much gets done because I will procrastinate on what seems too hard.  So less yakyak from now on (esp on my other sites).  Hope readers understand. If not, they are always free to contact me.

Competition - to Have or Not To Have
... that is the question.  Been thinking of having a fun competition.  Still thinking ...

Blogs - to Write or Not To Write
 .. or more accurately, What to write.  Knowing that others might see what you write is both an incentive and a disincentive.  The latter because you find your brain censoring what you write, what you can allow others to read, and how you say what you want to say.  The former because there is something motivating about the possibility that someone, someday, somewhere will read your words.

However, for me, the deal with this new blog site is .. it must also be in line with and help me rationalize my too-many sites and cut off dead wood.

YOJ5-36 'Vampyre'
I won.  So yeah. So happy.  This is only my 3rd win ever in life.

In keeping with my aforementioned strenuous efforts in procrastinations, I have yet to write up, record, and/or list my earlier wins. Have not even put up the winning awards.  Duh!

Crafty Handiwork
Since I have started getting back into my computer/web work, I find that I have less and less time in the day to do any crafty works.  All scheduled for after the sun sets.

Felted Cabs
Finally got around to list some of my felted cabs - made some weeks ago but just never got around to listing them.  They are listed at Etsy and at main ClearlyChosen webstore.

Week Went Quickly
I woke up thinking I had a good week ahead yet and that it was only Tuesday.  Alas.  Wrong.  It was Thursday.  What happened?  Who stole my days?!

Batch 4 of Warm Floral Necklets finnally listed
More details of each of these floral scarflettes.

End of Financial Year
Eek.  It arrived this week.  Have months of book-keeping that has not been done.  Eek.
This year, I am sure, is a financial loss year.  Oops.  That was last year too wasn't it? (glums)

The Honour of Commissions
This year, people have requested my work.  And I am so honoured.  The first happened some months ago - before I got to blogging.  It was from A.F a beading buddy and she had received my Secret Santa pressie for Christmas 2009.  She wanted me to make a similar piece of jewelry for her sister in law (SIL) and then her SIL's dad saw what I had made and he commissioned another in a different color.  That was exhilirating.

Just recently (was it this or last week?), a lovely lady who also owns a brick and mortar beading store, saw some of my neck warmers and got me to send her 4 pieces to have a trial run at her shop.  That chuffed me as well.

Then a super talented artist commisioned 2 floral necklets from me  - for herself and her mom.  I am now over the moon.
(p/s I don't mention names here just in case they want their privacy respected).

And last night and this morning, I got a request for owe of my little owlets.  And another request for a felted blue wren.  I have still to finish these.

And oh .. today (Thur 1 Jul 2010), I got yet another request for a critter/animal necklet for a 4 year old.  I have to get started on that as well.  Oh, looks like I will be a happy busy girl. :)

Critters found Homes
I was overjoyed to learn on Friday that Mr Teddy and AlmostOriental have found lovely new owners!  These 2 toasty neck warmers were originally taken into a temporary rest house (brick and mortar shop in Victoria) by a lovely person and kind-hearted friend, Kay Lancashire.   

Colleen on the left with Mr Teddy and Tara, on the right, with AlmostOriental.  Lookiing great girls and make sure you discipline them and that they keep you warm on those cold nights and days!

Kay has a brick and mortar shop in Loch, Victoria which I have not seen but if it is but a smidgen of what Kay is like herself, it would have to be a cosy, warm, wonderful, and delightful store to visit and visit. Kay, a talented artist herself also owns a highly recommended online store Kay's Artycles.  Drop by there and enjoy!

Meeting up with Old Friends
Sunday, I met up with 2 old friends for lunch; together with Pete.
Both these ladies were from my young shcool days.  Karen, I had not seen since we were 14 years old.  How did the years sneak by.  It is funny how some people, they don't change much facially so you can still recognize them despite the many intervening years.  Some change so much that there would have been no hope in hell that one could have recognized them even if we bumped into them on the street.  I must say I would not have recognized Karen at all.  But it was wonderful nonethelss to touch base again.

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