Saturday, July 24, 2010

50% off Life-A-Changing Sale ~ Swarovski and Handmades

Yup Yup!

My ClearlyChosen is having a BIG sale.  Up to 50% off - which translates to BELOW COST.  So if you love pretties, if you love Bling, if you love Handmades, and if you love SWAROVSKI elements ... you cannot walk by and not regret.

Why am I having the sale?  I don't know.
Yes that is right - I don't know.  Not really.

This year has been one very strange year for me.  And lately for the first time, I am beginning to suspect that indeed that light that blinks at me from the end of the tunnel is not a Murphy's light (i.e. it ain't the headlights of an on-coming train).  For the first time in a very long time, I suspect that the Universe is not conspiring against me, it is conspiring for me.  But it is like a double-whammy surprise party... I think  I might get a surprise party and I have no idea what the party is for!!!

I feel like I am floating in the middle of what seems at times to be a very chaotic chick pea soup - lots and lots of little little bits floating around.  And lately, there are glimpses of magical clarity. Is it wishful thinking?  Is it recognition of the  flourishes from the hands of a Higher Power?  Is it just the onslaught of insanity?

And as I glance backwards, I can almost just see how so many disparate "coincidences" are dovetailing leading to the Now .. and to somethings else I cannot yet see.  At this point, I can choose.  Choose to take a wee leap of faith and believe that the Universe really is for me. Or choose to believe I am very good at self-deception and Murphy does have a train rushing down upon me.  I am choosing the former.

A wee leap of faith which translates to: I don't know for sure why some actions and some ideas seem more right than others.  But some do  .. and their "rightness" is quite a thing apart from logic.

And ClearlyChosen sale, even though it may be a great success will, on the surface logic of it, be a financial loss.  Boy, who said that faith was easy eh?

So if you are here and reading this, it cannot be by pure chance.  Maybe my words hold more than the sale meaning for you.  Maybe you are here just so you can benefit from the bling bling sale.  Whatever the reason, enjoy.

Big Sale - 24 hours only (so please diarize) begins at 10am, 29 July 2010 ... and here >> for more sale details.

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