Monday, June 28, 2010

What Lindsay Tanner DIDN'T Say

I was listening to Lindsay Tanner the other night explaining his recent resignation (following the ousting of Kevin Rudd and the "in-ing" of Julia Gillard as Australia's new Prime Minister.

It was a fairly long speech and I get it.  His point was that his decision to resign as Australia's Finance Minister and pretty much, to leave politics, had nothing to do with the bloody Labor Party room floor.  Sorry, emotions got in the way.  I mean, it had nothing to do with the change of Labor leadership.

And pigs do fly.
And what do they say about coincidences?

However if you just listen to his long explanations, mentally it made perfect sense.  They do say that to tell a good lie, you must mix in enough truth so that the overall lie sounds like the truth.  And Lindsay Tanner, much as I think he is a very nice guy and a darn good politician ... is just that, a politician.

What I found most interesting is what he did not say.  I thought if I was him, or if he was really speaking the truth - and that his resignation had nothing to do with the latest Labor Party's recurring lack of loyalty; and that he really felt that his family needed him more than his country (which is how he put it); and that to prove that he was going to resign anyway because hey look .. "me and my wife - we bought a new house outside Melbourne. Before this happened.  So it shows I intended to resign anyway, .. doesn't it?"   - then he would have expressed how much faith he had in our new leader, how much he respected Julia Gillard from years of working together, and how he wished her success in the future.

But ah-ha.  Did he say any of that?  Nope.  As far as I remember, the only time he even mentioned her name was in saying that his leaving had nothing to do with Ms Gillard.  No good wishes.  No "I have faith in her" or even "I respect her".

That is what he did not say.  And if you were listening, he said that very loudly.

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