Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to Helena Asmus Lim

Wow that sounds strange.  Even to me.  This is the first time I am using my (almost) full name: Helena Asmus Lim.  This is my first real post on Blogger.

Usually it is some business associated name like "ClearlyChosen" for my Swarovski items or "NetWebbing" for my IT layman tuts.  However I have reached a state where I am looking to rationalize all those various blogging postings.  Have been driving me nuts to the point of major procrastination.  Too much work, too much time, too many logging in and out to write updates on the various things I am interested in.  So I have stagnated for about a year running around "acting busy" rather than being productive. Not satisfying I can tell you.

Anyway, I have a long way to go.  Will modify my layout etc. as I go along and get familiar with Blogger.  At this stage, am not even sure that this will work and will:

  1. help me rationalize the multi-topic blogging I want to do - blog in one place rather than all over multiple sites
  2. be able to feed this blogging to my various sites
  3. be able to fee this blog posts to FB (which I am finally becoming active in after ... I don't know how long after joining)
Ouch my head hurts.  Decisions, reading, planning ... the little brain is frying. 
End of post 1 :)

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