Monday, June 28, 2010

Scarflettes - Poirot Mouse and Almost Oriental

You may have noticed my new (finger knitted) babies running around looking for someone to cuddle and keep warm.
These 2 were born last week.

AlmostOriental  - who had eye surgery when only a day old, is no longer available as he has left for greener pastures, seeking a new loving family of his own. More of AlmostOriental's story and why his mom named him thus.
AlmostOriental scarflette
Poirot Mouse was born about the same time.  He is softly packed with triple stranded (non itchy) brushed mohair and at the time of writing, is currently looking for a loving home and someone to cuddle and keep warm with.
Poirot Mouse scarflette

This has been a quick update.  More siblings are trying to be born but their poor overworked mama is pulled in many directions and has no time to take more photos .... Watch this space for updates!

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