Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Kevin Rudd, I am sorry

I know .. before anyone jumps on my head and let me know that I don't know much about politics and I certainly don't know all the insider information, so really I should just keep my mouth shut rather than betray  my ignorance and my bias, .. I say, You are right.

But from another perspective, I am the ideal representative from the populace to shoot my mouth off.  I am one of many who are perfectly ideal to express our political opinion.  And most of us are not in possession of most of the insider facts and don't ever want to be.  However based on what we know, we determine our opinions (some very strong) .. and it is just people like me ~ we who have no politician insider friends, no insider knowledge, we who do not and will not take our time to read up all that we can about each and every politician and each and every political debacle that happens, ~ it is exactly people just like me who go to the polls and place our votes.  And we form the majority even when we are accused of being ignorant and misinformed. And we remain the majority even if it is true that we are ignorant and misinformed. And so, because I possess all those traits, I am amply qualified to have my say.  And right now, it is a loud and angry and sad and indignant say.

I have been told by people that I trust (and who have more political behind-the-scenes knowledge than I will ever have) that Ms Gillard, our new (unwanted) Australian Prime Minister was no back stabber in this atrocious act that saw us lose our elected Prime Minister.  (Yes, okay. I know.  We Australians do not vote in a person but a party.  Nonetheless, many people feel that we do cast a vote for a person, not a party. Also this is my blog and I can say what I want to.)  I thought she was.  A back stabber. And now, I try to give her a benefit of a doubt but I must say I am still inclined to think that she was welding a heavy knife and if you look carefully, you might see that (some of) the stab wounds in Kevin's back matches the knife blade that Ms Gillard was welding.

(Added: 29 June, 2010: I was told that we Australians do not vote for a person but for a party.  However I heard Julia Gillard's ~ er ... acceptance speech I guess you call it ~ and she definitely said that she knew that we, the populace voted in Kevin Rudd as PM and that we didn't vote for her.  So I guess even she knows that whatever the technicality of it, the majority of us do feel that voted for a person, not a party ~ and that the person we chose wasn't her.)

But enough about her.  I am here to say to myself if no one else, that I am terribly saddened to see Kevin go (which is a nice way of saying "kicked out").  I think the ALP (Australian Labor Party) is a fickle party and has become increasingly so as the recent years have shown.  They no longer have any sense of loyalty and it is for that very reason that Julia should be on the watchout.  Still if you live by the sword ...

Back to Kevin Rudd.  Mr Rudd, I am genuinely so sorry to see you go.  In my eyes I think you really, honestly worked towards the good of the nation with no ulterior motives.  I think that you gave 1000% of yourself to this job to make this a better country for Australians and a better world for everyone.  And if there is one failing you might have, then it might have been what Dale Carnegie talked about so long ago - "how to win friends and influence people". I think perhaps you might not have been enough of a people person and your self-interested party could not see beyond where you might have bruised their over-blown rotting egos.  I am guessing here, not having "insider" information - but I often guess right.

Mr. Rudd, when you and President Obama were elected into power - I followed and I cried.  Cause after the stupidity of George Bush and the small-heartedness of John Howard - both of you represented a change for the better. For our countries respectively and even more importantly for humanity, for our planet, for our world, and consequently for the future of everyone.

When they kicked you out, I cried.  And I only have total admiration for the strength of your character and the sturdiness of your integrity which you immediately demonstrated by appearing on the back bench even though you looked like you had been stabbed viciously and brutally in the back - many times, by people who might have even been considered friends.  Which actually is what had happened.  My heart and my admiration goes out to you and I am absolutely sure I am not the only one.

I am not going to hope for or predict that our new PM will also feel the tearing pain of multiple knife wounds in her back.  I can only say what I and my partner and our friends are determined to do.

Mr Tony Abbott, if you are listening .. please don't smile.  We would NEVER vote for you. (Malcolm Turnbull - who proved himself a man of integrity - maybe.)  You? Never.

We will not be voting for Julia Gillard in the upcoming 2010 elections.  And if that means we are not voting for the Labor party, then that is exactly what it means.

It seems to me anachronistic that we have to vote for a political party here in Australia.  It seems to me (as a general public person who votes) that there is no party policy.  It seems to me that the leader sets much of that and the direction of that. And his party votes him out not based on whether they agree on the policies but how cowardly they are (e.g. fearing possible defeat in elections), whether he/she has bruised their egos, and I am sure a whole host of less than honorable reasons.  So in the end, what the party does has nothing to do with party policies.  And even less to do with what is good for the nation. So why should we be forced to vote for a party?  And if they can kick out their leader any time they like, why can't we be allowed to kick out a party anytime we like? I voted for Kevin Rudd, as did millions.  Not the party.

Anyway, that is my say and how I feel about this latest political outrage. So there!

Dear Mr Rudd ... let me say "Sorry" on behalf of all the millions of ordinary Australians who feel like I do and did not want to see you go.

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  1. I agree with you Helena, I think Kevin Rudd did the best he could for australia and it was cruel the way they booted him out.
    As for all the Hoo-Haa about our first female PM.. I would have been overjoyed had she been voted in by the people, instead of becoming PM by defalt, Kind of takes the gloss off what could have been a truely wonderful event.