Monday, June 28, 2010

What Lindsay Tanner DIDN'T Say

I was listening to Lindsay Tanner the other night explaining his recent resignation (following the ousting of Kevin Rudd and the "in-ing" of Julia Gillard as Australia's new Prime Minister.

It was a fairly long speech and I get it.  His point was that his decision to resign as Australia's Finance Minister and pretty much, to leave politics, had nothing to do with the bloody Labor Party room floor.  Sorry, emotions got in the way.  I mean, it had nothing to do with the change of Labor leadership.

And pigs do fly.
And what do they say about coincidences?

Scarflettes - Poirot Mouse and Almost Oriental

You may have noticed my new (finger knitted) babies running around looking for someone to cuddle and keep warm.
These 2 were born last week.

AlmostOriental  - who had eye surgery when only a day old, is no longer available as he has left for greener pastures, seeking a new loving family of his own. More of AlmostOriental's story and why his mom named him thus.
AlmostOriental scarflette
Poirot Mouse was born about the same time.  He is softly packed with triple stranded (non itchy) brushed mohair and at the time of writing, is currently looking for a loving home and someone to cuddle and keep warm with.
Poirot Mouse scarflette

This has been a quick update.  More siblings are trying to be born but their poor overworked mama is pulled in many directions and has no time to take more photos .... Watch this space for updates!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Kevin Rudd, I am sorry

I know .. before anyone jumps on my head and let me know that I don't know much about politics and I certainly don't know all the insider information, so really I should just keep my mouth shut rather than betray  my ignorance and my bias, .. I say, You are right.

But from another perspective, I am the ideal representative from the populace to shoot my mouth off.  I am one of many who are perfectly ideal to express our political opinion.  And most of us are not in possession of most of the insider facts and don't ever want to be.  However based on what we know, we determine our opinions (some very strong) .. and it is just people like me ~ we who have no politician insider friends, no insider knowledge, we who do not and will not take our time to read up all that we can about each and every politician and each and every political debacle that happens, ~ it is exactly people just like me who go to the polls and place our votes.  And we form the majority even when we are accused of being ignorant and misinformed. And we remain the majority even if it is true that we are ignorant and misinformed. And so, because I possess all those traits, I am amply qualified to have my say.  And right now, it is a loud and angry and sad and indignant say.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Networked Blogs app on Facebook

I am still a newbie on Facebook (FB) and I must say that I need lots of sleep and a clear mind to be able to get my mind around lots of things on FB.  I was sure I must be getting .. dumb, dull, and aged but for the fact that there are other newbies who are feeling as lost as I am.  Phew. Thank goodness.

Much to my surprise, I am perservering.  I am learning things as I go along. Like what is a fanpage? What is an official page? Are they the same thing?  Should I open another FB account for my business, and many other basic questions.

I have been collecting these bits of knowledge and making short (but easy notes) in my About Facebook articles. Check it out if you think you would like some help but do not want lengthy detailed blahblah facts. :)

Yesterday and today I have been working my mind around this app on FB called Networked Blogs (NB).  What it does is, it is able to pull your bloggings (from one or more sites) and pull them into FB.  From there you can feed it onto your personal wall and also (if you choose) onto the wall of your (fan/official/business) page.  Very cool.  But is something that needs a little bit or reading and thinking.

So far, I have registered (i.e. fed) the following blog sites to NB to feed into my FB - some for my personal wall and some for my public (business page) wall.

  • ClearlyChosen - my Swarovski product library which includes detailed descriptions, pictures about Swarovski products.  Those pics especially are hard to find anywhere so check it out if you are in a Swarov mood.
  • JEM Library - a more generic site dealing with all things jewerly and jewelry making - from supplies to notes on materials and stones.  Also has a growing gallery of handmade jewelry, knitted and crocheted items, felting and more.  Lots of ideas and all free.
Ugh .. too tired now.  Another few more blog sites have been linked but too tired to write about it now.  Feed me time I think!

Welcome to Helena Asmus Lim

Wow that sounds strange.  Even to me.  This is the first time I am using my (almost) full name: Helena Asmus Lim.  This is my first real post on Blogger.

Usually it is some business associated name like "ClearlyChosen" for my Swarovski items or "NetWebbing" for my IT layman tuts.  However I have reached a state where I am looking to rationalize all those various blogging postings.  Have been driving me nuts to the point of major procrastination.  Too much work, too much time, too many logging in and out to write updates on the various things I am interested in.  So I have stagnated for about a year running around "acting busy" rather than being productive. Not satisfying I can tell you.

Anyway, I have a long way to go.  Will modify my layout etc. as I go along and get familiar with Blogger.  At this stage, am not even sure that this will work and will:

  1. help me rationalize the multi-topic blogging I want to do - blog in one place rather than all over multiple sites
  2. be able to feed this blogging to my various sites
  3. be able to fee this blog posts to FB (which I am finally becoming active in after ... I don't know how long after joining)
Ouch my head hurts.  Decisions, reading, planning ... the little brain is frying. 
End of post 1 :)